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Some of the most difficult situations you will ever face are those that have to do with your spouse and children. In some circumstances, those struggles will lead to legal cases. Whether you want to dissolve your marriage or hope to make modifications to your child custody, visitation or child support amounts, the Law Office of Michael Lilly will be able to help. A family law lawyer often deals with domestic relations and marital issues, such as divorce, domestic partnerships, guardianship, adoptions, child custody, visitation and child support. The Law Office of Michael Lilly in Jonesboro has experience with these types of cases and is ready to consult with you regarding your situation and to provide advice regarding any further actions.

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The Law Office of Michael Lilly handles family law cases such as divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, paternity, adoption and guardianship, as well as cases involving the Department of Human Services (DHS). No legal case is more important than those cases involving your children. You owe it to yourself and your family to hire an experienced and well respected attorney in Michael Lilly to represent you when the stakes are high. Michael has garnered the respect of his fellow attorneys and local judges for his zealous and well prepared representation of his clients in family law cases. As a result, many of his clients in family law cases are referrals not only from his former clients, but also from other attorneys and retired judges. Take the first step on the road to a successful family law case. Call the Law Office of Michael Lilly today.

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Oftentimes in family law cases, waiting to take action can be costly to you. A delay on your part can jeopardize your case. Don’t make that mistake. Call the Law Office of Michael Lilly today at 870-935-2400 or toll-free at 866-835-2400 and get the representation you need and deserve for your family law case. Whether it is a divorce case, child custody or any other family law case, we represent clients in Jonesboro and throughout Arkansas.